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CD/DVD Mailers

EACS have developed a special product solution for those businesses that are involved in sending out optical media and that have a requirement for that media to be returned to them.

We can provide a cost-effective 2 way mailer with a unique adhesive that combines to form a plain or printed envelope for mailing DVD's and CD's.

The specially developed style and construction of the product allows it to be used out-bound for issuing DVD's or CD's and to be refolded and sealed by the recipient to enable them to return the product in the same mailer document.

This form is perfect for use with:

  • Internet/postal DVD movie rental companies
  • Internet/postal games rental companies

We can supply the form fully bespoke to your individual requirements with full colour print on the inside and outside covers. The forms can also be printed with a PPI (Postage Paid Impression Logo), which means that as soon as they are filled they can be mailed to the customer.

The forms are compatible with laser printers, so the recipients shipping address can be lasered directly on to the face of the form for despatch prior to fulfilling.

DVD & Game Rental Mailer

We are among the UK's largest suppliers of 2 way CD/DVD Mailers and our products have undergone a stringent research and development process.

The unique adhesives used in this product have been designed exclusively by a specialist chemist, As we understand that lost postage items are not only costly to replace, they can also cause problems for your subscribers.

Our expertise in the supply of CD/DVD mailers doesn't end there, we can also offer the following service.

Added Revenue Stream - recover part/full cost of your mailers!

EACS currently deals with many types of Internet based businesses. We have previously managed to recover a significant part of the mailer cost for our clients by helping them to sell advertising space inside the mailers to some of our existing client base.

Flyer & Leaftlet Insertion Service


One of our online DVD/games rental clients has a customer base of 250,000 monthly subscription members:

  • Each member has access to the Internet
  • Each member has an interest in films or games
  • Each member is comfortable to use his or her credit/debit card online for purchases/subscriptions
  • Each member has chosen to receive the mailer and has to open it to get to the disc. (It is not unwanted Junk Mail)

With this in mind we approached several of our existing clients who we believe would benefit from directly marketing to these 250,000 potential customers.

As the 250,000 members have clearly defined interests, whether it be in film or games and have Internet access we successfully negotiated the sale of advertisement space inside the mailers to the following types of companies: -

  • National chain of cinemas
  • Film Magazine subscriptions
  • Electrical/Home AV Internet retailer
  • Games Console and accessories Internet retailer.

The advertisement from each of the above examples has helped to recover a significant portion of the mailer cost for our clients. This method of advertising can be achieved in two ways: -

  1. Advertisement pre-printed on inside cover of mailer.
  2. Flyer printing and hand insertion fulfilment.

contact us for more information and advice on these products and services.

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