Innovative Patent-applied Products

Despatch Note

The Integrated Gift Tag is a quality A4 or A3 laser compatible sheet incorporating address/returns labels and an innovative laser printer compatible Integrated Gift Tag. The despatch note section of the form can also incorporate a unique folding feature with clips to keep the consignment details private to ensure the recipient does not spoil their surprise. Removing the cost, saving operational time and environmental impact of a separate envelope for the despatch document.


Integrated Gift Tag Despatch Note

The Integrated Gift Tag form can be produced to your bespoke requirements, with any number of labels or tags in any size and position – offering you complete flexibility to express your brand image and maintain an efficient layout for essential operation requirements.

The Integrated Gift Tag can offer you the following benefits:

Add value and profit to each order, offering a gift-wrap service is a great revenue stream for internet retailers. Figures show an end user values this service and is willing to spend on average £3.95 extra per order.

Save Time & Money

Eliminate the time involved in writing out hand written gift tags. Print the despatch note, address label and personalised gift tag in just one print.

Offer a professional well presented service

The Integrated Gift Tag can be produced fully bespoke to meet your individual brand requirements, with full colour print on the front and reverse as well as the option to add foil for that prestigious look. The Integrated Gift Tag is representative of a traditional gift tag product that the end user would expect to purchase in a high street gift/card shop.

Integrated Gift Tag Despatch Note

Reduce returns. Reduce the risk of mismatching the gift with the wrong tag/message or delivering it to the wrong address, thereby keeping your customers happy at the same time as streamlining despatch.

Increase brand awareness

Add a company logo, phone number or web address to the tag to increase brand awareness. After all, if the recipient is happy with their gift they may want to know where they can purchase a similar item in the future. This opportunity for increased branding can also be achieved on the innovative envelope section of the despatch note.



The Complete Package

To compliment the unique advantages of the Integrated Gift Tag, We have partnered with Europe’s leading Gift Bag and Gift Box suppliers to offer a range of new innovative gift wrap packaging solutions that can also be produced bespoke to your individual requirements. Our complete package is the ideal step towards offering a successful streamlined gift-wrap/message service, while at the same time ensuring brand consistency across both key products.